IUD “Bio-T Super”

IUD “Bio-T Super”

Bio-T Super

Brand NEW! Great quality! Made in Belarus!

29.99 USD with shipping via AirMail with Tracking number.

The anchor of the intrauterine contraceptive is manufactured from plastic.
The form of anchor – Т-shaped.

On the anchor’s vertical stem is wound copper wire with nominal active surface area 380 mm2 (copper degree of purity is not less than 99,98%) and is secured monofilament thread for the control of position and extraction of contraceptive.
For the reduction of the risk of pelvic inflammatory diseases during the first 20 days from the moment of insertion the anchor of contraceptive is treated with antimicrobic composition containing propolis. Radio- and ultrasound opaqueness is provided by the presence of copper wire on the stem.
The method of insertion of IUD “Yunona Bio-T Super” – the method of “withdrawal”, the diameter of graduated tube-conductor is 3,9 mm.

Duration of contraception – not more than 5 years.

Sterilization – by radiation.

The contraceptive is supplied sterile in the final pack which together with the instruction for use is placed into the secondary pack.
The contraceptive is registered and allowed for use in Belarus, the Ukraine, Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, EU countries.


Shipping to UK, America or Asia from BELARUS will take about 2-4 weeks (by AirMail with tracking number)

I will ship within 1-3 days of receiving cleared payment.


Who are You?

Hi! I’m Ebay Top-rated seller Pres_Nikol (276)  from Belarus (Eastern Europe)

Why don’t You sell Intrauterine contraceptive devices on Ebay?

Because Contraceptives, including implantable devices, are NOT allowed on Ebay.

How can I buy this Device?

type №1 34.99 USD with shipping via AirMail with Tracking number.

type №2 34.99 USD with shipping via AirMail with Tracking number.

Please contact me via e-mail or Ebay contact form

Enjoy your shopping! Buy with confidence from Ebay Top-rated seller.

More photos.

WMS-T-Super-200 vms-super-200 Bio-T-Super-200


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