Lot of Nu, pogodi! |Volk and Zayaz Wolf Hare Ну, Погоди! Sound Soft Toy. Souzmultfilm

Nu, pogodi! |Volk and Zayaz| LOT OF TWO SOUND TOYS!!!

Brand NEW! Great quality! Sound toys!


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Size of Hare: 33*8*12  cm  13.0″x3.1″x4.7″

Size of Wolf: 40*16*12  cm  15.7″x6.3″x4.7″

Zayac (Hare) and Volk (Wolf) are the characters of the famous soviet cartoon «Nu, Pogodi!»,


Заяц и Волк– персонажи любимого советского мультфильма “Ну, Погоди!”

Very soft and pretty fun SOUND toys will be favorite of Your child!




I accept Paypal only

Please be aware paying by Your checking account through PayPal can take up to 7 business

days to clear payment


Shipping to America or Asia will take about 15-30 days (2-7 days with EMS (Expedited shipping)).


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