Borovaya matka against myoma

Plant known as Orthilia secunda, has long been used in the treatment of many diseases of the female reproductive system. To date, various infusions Orthilia secunda and apply inside and as a solution for douching. However, the plant has a number of contraindications and can not always be completely rid of the disease. In this article we will discuss the intricacies of applying Orthilia secunda fibroids.


Is it possible to cure fibroids with Orthilia secunda?

This question we will address the first, as attributing Orthilia secunda ability to completely cure fibroids, many women forget to specify your own picture of the disease, which can cause big problems for other women with a similar diagnosis, but in a different stage.

Thus, treatment of uterine Orthilia secunda gives very good results for a tumor that is located in the very thick uterine muscles and has a size of 10 mm. This type of tumor, with proper treatment upland uterus is able to completely dissolve. In other cases, such as submucosal or subserous fibroids, Orthilia secunda is only able to eliminate the pain of women and slow or stop tumor growth, but not cure the disease completely.

Treatment of uterine Orthilia secunda is imperative to coordinate with your doctor and not to resort to this option if you need urgent surgical intervention.

Features Herbal treatment of myoma

Treatment Orthilia secunda – is a long course. Accepted decoctions and tinctures grass with uterine minimum period of one year. Treatment consists of douching and receive decoction or tincture inside. The procedures listed below are systematically conducted for three months, then comes one month break and reception begin anew. Immediately after receiving the first rate herbal infusions may be exacerbation, but in this case drinking Orthilia secunda should continue. After a period of acute illness and the gradual improvement of the recovery.

How to take Orthilia secunda against myoma?

Decoction Orthilia secunda against myoma

Decoction Orthilia secunda is most often used for douching.

Need to take 1 tbsp. Orthilia secunda, fill it 1 cup boiling water and boil for about 5 minutes in a water bath. After that it is necessary to insist decoction 2 – 3 hours, strain and apply for douching. Douching must begin immediately after the end of menses. Douche need within 7 – 10 days. After that there is a break until the end of the next menstruation. The same decoction can be taken into 1 tbsp. hour before meal, for 4 – 5 times per day. Admission into the decoction should start with a 4-day cycle or immediately after menstruation.

Tincture Orthilia secunda fibroids

To prepare the tincture Orthilia secunda should take 50 g of grass and fill it with 0, 5 liters of vodka or alcohol diluted to 40 degrees. After connecting the components tincture should send in a dark place for three weeks. Reception tincture should start from the 4th day of menstruation. It is taken before a meal three times a day for 30 – 40 droplets. Duration of tincture Orthilia secunda fibroids and endometriosis is three weeks. Next there is a break for a week, and the course begins anew with the specified day of menstruation.

Contraindications to treatment of uterine fibroids Orthilia secunda

Do not take herbal teas and tinctures Orthilia secunda in cases of:

diagnosed tubal occlusion;

oral contraceptives;

hormonal drugs;


Precautions taken Orthilia secunda gastritis. In this disease ingestion takes place immediately after a meal.

Be Healthy!


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