Borovaya matka – herb-witch, healing womens diseases.

One of the most popular herbs used in folk medicine of Altai (Siberia) for the treatment of female diseases is Orthilia secunda. About Orthilia secunda heard almost every woman passing the planning stage of pregnancy. The people believe that the grass is truly healing, capable of cure of many diseases associated with gynecology, as well as capable of helping to conceive. Traditional medicine is widely applied for the treatment of Orthilia secunda not only infertility, fibroids, infantile uterus, menstrual disorders, cervical erosion, but also the treatment of inflammation of the urinary system, as well as in various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Pharmacological composition Orthilia secunda (Borovaya Matka) besides a large number of tannins contains arbutin, hydroquinone, coumarins, vitamin C, hydroquinone, resins, flavonoids, bitter substances, saponin, tartaric and citric acids, minerals: titanium, copper, zinc and manganese.

Indications for use

In traditional medicine Orthilia secunda heals:

In gynecology:

Infertility; menstrual irregularities; obstruction of pipes, adhesive process; uterine fibroids; inflammation; mastopathy; fibroids.

In the field of gastrointestinal disorders:

Ulcer of stomach and duodenum; Diseases of the liver and gallbladder.

In the field of endocrinology:

diabetes mellitus.

In the field of diseases of the urinary system:

cystitis and inflammatory processes; inflammation of the kidneys and bladder; pyelonephritis.

Methods of application and duration of administration

Orthilia secunda can take in the form of tinctures (except pregnancy), and as most grass concoctions. Duration of reception depends on the duration of the disease. Herbalists believe that for each year of the disease must be present 200-250 ml of tincture. That is, if your illness lasts for two years, then you need to take the tincture in the amount of 400-500 ml. As a preventive measure reception grass must be carried long courses of 3-4 weeks for several years. If pregnancy occurs in the case of infertility treatment receiving Orthilia secunda can continue. It is believed that this herb helps maintain pregnancy, prevent an interruption.

Orthilia secunda and traditional medicine

There is no unity among physicians regarding the view of Orthilia secunda. Part of doctors skeptical, arguing that the grass definitely has useful properties, but to fight serious diseases and infertility can not. The effect of the application of this part of the upland uterus doctors debits on the widely known in medical practice “placebo” effect.

Another part of physicians feel that the uncontrolled use of Orthilia secunda can harm the patient.

The third part of the talk about the unconditional use of Orthilia secunda in the treatment of diseases in the field of gynecology and this herb is prescribed as a preventive and maintenance therapy.

Among the patients, especially women seeking to conceive, Orthilia secunda is popular and respected. This herb truly ascribe magical properties and a tremendous ability to heal.

Take Orthilia secunda or not – you decide. But before it is always useful to consult a doctor and get tested.

Be healhy!


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