Magnet pulser aka SoTA in Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine. High-performance magnetic therapy can restore biological rhythms after crossing several time zones , remove stress loads before starting, enhance physical and mental performance . Magnetic field – an effective solution to the problems associated with the treatment and prevention of sports injuries and post-traumatic complications usually associated with musculoskeletal disorders : degenerative diseases of joints and spine , inflammatory diseases of the joints and spine injuries and fractures , etc. Neyrostimuliruyuschee , resolving, vasoactive tion , trophic, analgesic , anti-inflammatory, anti, gipokoaguliruyuschee effect of magnetic field allows to constantly be in the form of classes in all kinds of E – sports. Magnetic therapy has a chance to recover from the training and competitive pressures and improve endurance by hemocorrection which is not prohibited (see Materials Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee ) . A unique opportunity to improve and restore the performance of athletes after competition and training load is not achieved and the way medication does not entail side effects.

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