Magnet Pulser and Magnetic storms

Magnetic storms. Using magnetic therapy allows a person to not only much easier to carry magnetic storms , but, in fact , the problem ceases to be a problem for humans . Magnetic storms such a person learns not to your body , and on media reports or on the appearance of their colleagues and neighbors. – Cardiovascular and circulatory system. During magnetic storms observed deterioration of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases , increased blood pressure , worsening coronary circulation . Magnetic storms cause in humans suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system , acute ( myocardial infarction, stroke , hypertensive crisis , etc.). – Respiratory . Magnetic storms have an adverse effect on patients suffering from respiratory diseases. Under the influence of magnetic storms vary biorhythms. Some patients condition deteriorates to magnetic storms , and others – and after. Adaptability to the conditions of such patients is very small magnetic storms . – Central nervous system . During magnetic storms observed deterioration of people with mental illness . Increases the number of accidents and injuries on the truck . Central and autonomic nervous systems are very sensitive to geophysical phenomena. – And other diseases. The further north , the more intense magnetic field disturbances during magnetic storms . And more to the North, the stronger the influence on human health during magnetic storms . Increases the number of premature births , toxemia , during this period the highest incidence of cancer , exacerbation of eye disease.

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