Magnetic Pulser aka SOTA in Urology

Urology . One of the common diseases in young men is a chronic prostatitis. According to recent reports , chronic prostatitis suffers from 25 to 40 % of all men , a significant portion of them – men, unmarried .

As one of the therapeutic factors , along with medication , massage and other types of physical therapy in the treatment of this disease is highly magnetic therapy of chronic prostatitis . The magnetic field has a moderate analgesic , anti-inflammatory, trophic and immunomodulatory effects , enhance microcirculation in the tissues of the prostate. The magnetic field acts on the soft bed prostate gland, ensures that the specificity of the therapeutic effect. In the absence of excessive exposure concentration form of the magnetic field corresponds to the parameters of biomagnetic field of the prostate gland . This leads to the improvement of microcirculation , increased membrane permeability in the affected area , uvelechiveniyu rate of biochemical and metabolic processes , regeneration of damaged tissues , stimulation of the neuromuscular apparatus . Magnetotherapeutic permissible exposure at all stages of the treatment process and at all stages of the disease , except sharp inflammatory process. In such cases, magnetic therapy can be assigned to the background of the active drug therapy for 2-3 days after the improvement of the patient . The essential point of magnetic therapy is fast ( after 3-4 procedures) decrease in pain .

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