Magnetic therapy in cosmetology

Its use increases the efficiency of lymphatic drainage in the tissues of the whole organism. The ability of magnetic fields affect the body at the cellular level to normalize metabolic processes , improve microcirculation in all layers of the skin to stimulate collagen synthesis. Magnetotherapeutic impact in cosmetology leads to the elimination of cellulite nodes , reduction of subcutaneous fat , improves skin elasticity , restores normal tone and moisture of the skin , promotes rapid healing of bruises , scars , etc. Using magnetic therapy in cosmetology based on decongestants , regenerating , trophic , neyromiostimuliruyuschem , vasodilator and other . Shows how to use magnetic therapy at any stage of cellulite , aging skin , circulatory failure , to correct the shape of the body , with hematomas ( bruises ) , skin ulcers , keloid scars , swelling of the face and body.

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