Magnetic therapy in gynecology

If you think that magnet therapy and gynecology – incompatible, you are greatly mistaken. This method of treatment is used in many modern hospitals. Magneto opportunities are wide enough. On the application of magnetic therapy in gynecology will help you learn this article.

In the treatment of gynecological diseases magneto way possible external effects device through the anterior abdominal wall.

Possible introduction of a special internal device, which acts directly on the necessary parts. This method is called magnetic therapy in gynecology vaginal or abdominal procedure. For its implementation requires a special tool.

Under what gynecological diseases you can refer to the method of magnetic therapy? Spectrum of diseases that can be treated very wide. This inflammation of the ovaries, vaginitis, endocervicitis, endometritis.

Moreover, the inflammatory processes may be treated as a chronic stage of the process, and in step acute lung. Magnetic therapy gives good results in the treatment of adhesive processes at algomenoree.

Good shot of pain of different origins are regulated menstruation.

If you are diagnosed with an endocrine or tubal infertility, try to use magnetic therapy. This method is very effective and many women have become happy mothers after treatment for infertility. Generally magnetic therapy in gynecology admirably with various inflammation and pain. There are clinical trials of treatment for women suffering from inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, using magnetic therapy . According to researchers of pain in patients in the acute period were less pronounced , since the second day of treatment , and a week later the pain occurred only five percent of patients . The usual methods of treating pain saved ten percent of patients. From the fourth day of treatment , women began to decline body temperature and the fourteenth day it is fully normalized. Traditional treatments allow to normalize body temperature only to the eighteenth day of treatment. The results of this experiment show a very significant efficacy of magnetic therapy in gynecology. Good use of this method for the rehabilitation of women after surgery. No scarring and adhesions, all well and heals without consequences. The recovery period is shortened menstrual function several times. Interesting experiments on the use of magnetic therapy in obstetrics. Using instruments that provide low-frequency effect , improves blood flow to the organs of reproduction and in the uterus , the fetus actively supplied with oxygen , develops better. The mother improves blood chemistry.

Appointed magneto during pregnancy when preeclampsia anemia, slow fetal growth, placental insufficiency when . If pregnancy is detected during the presence of pathology and during gestation and in the general condition of the woman, then also assigned magneto . There are devices specially designed for gynecological treatment. In such inductors specific parameters of the magnetic field calculated by the local impact. Sometimes magnetic therapy combined with the introduction of drugs into diseased organs. Then the effects of medications increases. If you combine magnetic therapy in gynecology using drgua treatments (for example – using herbs) , the effectiveness of such treatment will be several times higher.

Magnetic therapy – it is a new trend in medicine that is constantly being improved and developed. Try to imagine the effect of this method and, most likely, you will be satisfied.


Today pharmacological market offers a great number of drugs for the treatment of various gynecological diseases.

However, apart from the side effects which are the vast majority of drugs, there are problems and other considerations.

For example, a number of chronic diseases of the female genital blood flow to the pelvic organs may be difficult due to changes in tissue and blood vessels.

Treatment only medication is ineffective in this case, since the active ingredient with blood does not flow in the proper amount to an organ or tissue, at the same total, often – a negative impact on a woman’s body as a whole. In this case, the aid comes physiotherapy . An integrated approach to the treatment of the disease allows for improvement of quality of life and women with minimal drug load.

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