Orthilia secunda against mastopathy

The main causes of mastitis:

  1. Hormonal background, namely an increase in the amount of estrogen.
  2. Increase in prolactin.

Phytohormones (hytoestrogens and fitoprogesteron) contained in Orthilia secunda, restore hormonal balance, gently acting on the endocrine system, which causes the least side effects . Furthermore, this plant decreases prolactin, which is in feedback with the hormone progesterone.

By the development of mastitis, which delayed treatment can lead to breast cancer, also cause: abortion, endocrine diseases and malfunction of the genitourinary system, psychological and emotional overload gynecological diseases. Orthilia secunda successfully fights the reasons listed above due to its member components. This plant, which is a natural antioxidant, has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antitumor effect on the body.

Vitamin C and citric acid contained in antitumor actively stimulate the functioning of the endocrine glands, whereas resin, zinc, manganese and bitter substances strengthen immunity.

In the treatment of mastitis applied tincture pharmacy Orthilia secunda, which is recommended to use 1 tsp twice daily for one month. Next, you need to make a seven-day break, after which treatment is resumed. In general, treatment is three months.

Orthilia secunda can be used as a compress, which warm are placed on the chest.

Be healthy!


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