Sildenafil /generic Viagra/ 50 mg №10. Made in Belarus (Eastern Europe)

Sildenafil  /Viagra/ Pills for Men Sexual Dysfunction/ is used to treat erectile dysfunction.

viasil-50mg_10 для Ebay размыт

Made in Belarus (Eastern Europe)

Sildenafil tablets (blue)  50 mg №10 

It is also informally known as “v i t a m i n V”, “the b l u e  p i l l”, or “b l u e  d i a m o n d”, as well as various other nicknames.

 Use: adults should take 1 tablet 1 hour before sex 

 If you are shy to buy please note that the listing is anonymous for complete privacy, packaging is discreet and no one will know what you bought.

 Fast Shipping usually next day

 10 tablets per box

 Not for sale for under 18 years

Buy online Sildenafil 50 mg №10 for 29.99 usd with free shipping by AirMail with Tracking number (all prices are in russian rubels, Currency Converter is here: USD to RUB ) with FREE shipping by Airmail with Tracking number

  Pay for your item 

Shipping details will be asked after You press BUY

Currently PayPal is not available for this product according to PayPal restriction policy for Drugs. – Currently I sell borovaya matka and drugs for Bitcoins online.



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