Treatment of amenorrhea by Orthilia secunda

Causes of amenorrhea:

  1. Hormonal failure.
  2. Severe stress.
  3. Prolonged severe disease (Optional gynecological).

Orthilia secunda relaxes the nervous system due fitoprogesteron, vitamin C, saponins, zinc and manganese, which is part of the plant.

Hormonal failure reversed by plant hormones contained in Orthilia secunda.

Orthilia secunda infusion for the treatment of amenorrhea: one teaspoon of dry raw material is poured two cups of boiling water, whereupon the infused 24 hours in a thermos.

Strained infusion of 100 ml is taken 40 minutes before mealtime three times a day. It is important to adhere to a certain drug regimen: for five days to drink the infusion, followed by a two day break, then take five days shown infusion. The course of treatment – two months.


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