Treatment of endometritis by Orthilia secunda

Endometritis with late treatment leads to infertility.

Causes of endometritis:

urinary system diseases,

inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system,




Protective mechanisms of the uterus are closely linked with exposure to sex hormones (especially the female hormone estrogen).

With the onset of menstruation protective mechanism exhausts itself , because in this period there is a lack of estrogen. As a result, the uterus may be infected.

Help normalize hormonal balance upland uterus drugs that can be taken as decoctions, infusions, tinctures , teas, baths .

Tincture Orthilia secunda drink 35 – 40 drops three times a day, one hour before eating.

Ortiliya sided effect on the body as follows:

inhibits the action of pathogenic microorganisms,

stimulates the body’s defenses,

corrects the nervous system,

normalizes endocrine processes,

beneficial effects on the function of the cardiovascular system.

When using this medicinal plant it is important to remember that the improvement comes after three weeks of regular use, whereas sustainable effect can be achieved only after prolonged use.


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