Treatment of fibromyoma by Orthilia secunda

Causes of fibromyoma:

hormonal imbalance (high levels of estrogen with progesterone deficiency).

Orthilia secunda  lowers estrogen levels in the body, thereby increasing progesterone. Also effect of this plant is aimed at the destruction of tumors, regardless of the location of its localization . Fibroids requires immediate treatment, otherwise the tumor grow and can cause: severe menstrual bleeding, Intrauterine fetal Death, sterility.

With ortiliya sided maybe three months to get rid of the tumor in an easy stage, whereas in advanced fibroid treatment need six months to a year and a half.

When fibroids should follow a particular treatment regimen. So, within a month taken infusion of Orthilia secunda, for which 1 tablespoon cooking minced raw pour 300 ml of boiling water.

Drug infused 6 hours, then take 2 tbsp three times a day, 20 minutes before meals.

Next is a break for two weeks, after which shows reception of vodka infusions ortiliya sided, which take three months.

Again there is a break (already a month), after which the treatment is repeated, making another three months.

Orthilia secunda not only cure the tumor, but also contribute to the resorption of adhesions and restoration of the menstrual cycle.


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