Treatment of inflammation of the appendages (adneksit) by Orthilia secunda

Adnexitis (inflammation of the uterus) triggered by the following factors:


mechanical damage to the uterus (abortion, IUD use, caesarean section),

weakened immunity,


disruption of the endocrine system,

related gynecological diseases.

Therefore, the treatment consists in applying adnexitis drugs with anti-inflammatory, desensitizing, analgesic and immunostimulating effect .

Ortiliya sided possesses all these properties due to its member elements. So, plant hormones , and vitamin C have desensitizing properties , resins , flavonoids and citric acid – immunomodulatory , arbutin and tannins – inflammatory, saponins – painkillers.

As with inflammation of the ovaries, when adnexitis applied infusions, tinctures and decoctions of Ortiliya sided.

While infusions in the form of heat used for irrigation, which is carried out in the “lying on its side.” After the introduction of the drug to soak in for 10 minutes (during which time the liquid can irrigate inflamed mucous zone).

Prescription for treatment of adneksit:

30 drops of tincture of alcohol Ortiliya sided should be diluted in 150 ml of water and taken three times a day, one hour before a meal. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the disease.


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