Treatment of myoma by Orthilia secunda

Causes of tumor:

dishormonal violations;


inflammatory diseases,

use of an intrauterine device,

obstructed labor.

Orthilia secunda gentle effects on the body, exerting antitumor, anti-inflammatory, resolving and antiseptic action. In addition, this plant removes dishormonal violations, thereby preventing re- formation of fibroids.

In the treatment of uterine fibroids is recommended to supplement also another herbal medicinal plants – Marjino root (Mariin Koren). Thus, a heavy menstrual period or prolonged bleeding, in the first decade after the end of menstruation (or 4- day cycle) is recommended to take a tincture of the root Marina twice a day 30 drops (drugs Marina better take root in the afternoon, as this plant causes drowsiness). Recipe tincture of Marina root 60 g of minced raw pour 500 ml of vodka or 50 percent alcohol. Infused medication for three weeks.

Simultaneously Marjino root used ortiliya sided. The course of treatment – at least three months. Tincture applied cycles: three weeks – a drug, a week – a break.


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