Treatment of polyps by Orthilia secunda

Polyps reasons:

violation of estrogen,

chronic inflammatory diseases,


menstrual disorders;


Orthilia secunda not only helps to eliminate disturbances in hormonal levels and treats inflammation, but also normalizes the menstrual cycle. Furthermore, resin, copper, coumarins and hydroquinone, included in the plant have a bactericidal and antimicrobial properties, which helps to treat polyps located in the neck (cervical or) channel. Used for the treatment of polyps tinctures, decoctions and tinctures. For the preparation of tinctures, dry and well-chopped raw material (5 tablespoons) should pour 500 ml of vodka, after which the drug is placed in a dark place for two weeks, during which the infusion should be periodically shaken.

Tincture taken 40 drops three times a day, one hour before eating.


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