Treatment of Uterine Bleeding by Orthilia secunda

Uterine bleeding, which is diagnosed in 30 – 35% of women, due to the following factors: changes in the level of estrogen, disrupt thyroid abortion; constant stress. Juvenile bleeding provoked by hormonal disorders of the reproductive system, which effectively eliminates the Orthilia secunda.

This herb normalizes the medicinal plant hormones (estrogen lowers levels ), and the nervous system due phytohormones contained therein, while the vitamin C and citric acid stimulate the endocrine operation. Copper has antimicrobial and antiseptic effect on the body, contributing to the rapid recovery process after abortion.

It should be noted that with dysfunctional uterine bleeding must be primarily stop bleeding itself, in order to avoid anemia (hemoglobin level of reduction in the blood).

When the bleeding stops, you should continue taking Orthilia secunda before the onset of menstruation. Reception Orthilia secunda  recommended for bleeding at any age.


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