Phototherapy device Duna. Cosmetic and medical. Brand new. Works in the USA

Phototherapy device for cosmetic and medical purposes!

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What is a Light therapy or Phototherapy?  Look here

Portable LED
matrix physiotherapy device for phototherapy is for the prevention and
treatment of some diseases by exposure to red and infrared light.

The Phototherapy device Duna is
based on a method of influence on the body’s tissues scattered rays of red and
infrared color. As a result recovery of cell structures occurs in the tissues. The
biological effect of waves of red and infrared ranges has a significant
advantage over other types of radiation, the use of the scattered and not
focused beam makes its use safe.

LED device’s
matrix consists of 21 red and 16 infrared LEDs.


watermarked - 1003199284
phototherapy device Duna

LEDs generate radiation: red

wavelengths – 660 nm (radiation density – 0.8 mW / сm2) and infrared – 950 nm
(radiation density – 1.5 mW / cm2). The area of exposure is 16 cm2.

Phototherapy device Duna’s features:

The wavelength of red light – 632.7 nm

The wavelength of infrared radiation – 840 nm

Weight not more than 250 grams

Supply voltage 220 V (works in the USA through a
220/110 converter  – I provide it free
for US customers), 50-60 Hz

The device is effective at treatment:

inflammation and infections of the mouth, upper
respiratory tract, the respiratory tract, including the period of exacerbation;


diseases of the musculoskeletal system;




dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, herpes and other skin


Red and infrared light significantly improve blood
circulation in small blood vessels and tissues, increase the rate of oxidation-reduction
processes, enhance the regeneration of damaged tissues, normalize water and
electrolyte balance of the cells and stimulates local and general immunity.

 Designed for Professional and Home Use
The device is very easy to use and can be used without medical supervision at
home or by a health professional or therapist at a clinic or hospital.

THIS Phototherapy device Duna IS


+Free 110 to 220
volt adapter for US customers

SEPARATE PARCEL! Will come before device! 

What is

new Phototherapy device + RUSSIAN



Shipping to America or Asia will take about 2-4 weeks (by AirMail with tracking number)

I will ship Phototherapy device Duna within 3 days of receiving cleared

watermarked - dyuna-t-251-B phototherapy device Duna  watermarked - 1777432

Phototherapy device Duna!


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