Electrical puncture therapy Device Bityaz AET01. Europe. Clinically tested.

Electrical puncture therapy Device Bityaz AET01. Clinically tested.

Brand NEW! Great quality! Made in Europe!

The device is designed for surface electrical stimulation of biologically active points (acupuncture points) by low-frequency electric current without a puncture or damage the body’s tissues.

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The appearance of the device is shown in Figure 1.

Electrical puncture device

In operation, the device generates a low-frequency pulses on the outer electrodes, which are part of the working machine. As external electrodes used 37 metal pins arranged in multi-row structure.

The amplitude of the pulse is adjusted directly in the treatment process using the pulse amplitude controller 4.

At the same time the regulator 4 is the power switch.

On the front cover of the device has a light 3, the luminescence intensity is determined by the amplitude of the output pulses: maximum brightness corresponds to the maximum amplitude of the output pulses. With a minimum amplitude of light 3 is off.

There is a registration certificate of the Republic of Belarus (Europe), the certificate of conformity.

Electrical puncture device

Device works from Power supply, 9 v (battery) Not included.


Surface electrical stimulation of biologically active points of electric shock of low frequency without puncturing the skin and damage to body tissues.

EFFECT of Electrical punture device:

weakening of traumatic or chronic pain;

relieve fatigue;

It helps with insomnia;




ENT diseases (otolaryngology);


Safe (for safety it is powered by battery 9v;


Easy to use;

It has no side effects;

It meets the requirements for use in health care facilities;

Apply at home


Small size;

Ease of use;

Independent power supply (9 volt battery) Not included

The maximum amplitude of the output pulse, 300 ± 50 V

The duration of the output pulses, 50 ± 10 mcs

The frequency of the output pulses, 20 Hz ± 6

The maximum current consumption of 10 mA

Power supply, 9 v (battery) Not included

Weight, 0.3 kg

Overall dimensions 185 * 60 * 60 mm


THIS Electrical punture device IS NEW AND COMES WITH A




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Shipping to America or Asia will take about 2-4 weeks (by AirMail with tracking number)

I will ship Electrical punture device within 3 days of receiving cleared payment /usually next day/.




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