One Hand Luch Mechanical Wristwatch Men’s leather Fashion Vintage White 77471760

One Hand Mechanical Wristwatch Luch 77471760

Movement: MECHANICAL 15 jewels

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Technical Characteristics of watch:

  • A mechanical watch, rate duration after one complete winding-up 38 hours
  • The rate precision of watch at a temperature (20 +/-5) °C ranging from-40 to +85 sec./day
  • Diameter of the case – 36 mm (excepting a head)
  • The case is waterproof, it protects the mechanism from casual short-term influence of dust and splashes of water
  • Weight of watch: 40 grams
  • The weight of watch in post packing: 60 grams
  • Strap materia: Natural leather
  • Color of a strap: Black or dark brown
  • Width of strap: 20 mm
  • Service life of watch – 10 years

One Hand Mechanical Wristwatch Luch 77471760

Finally, there is an opportunity to get watch that is identified by its singularity!  In external appearance these watch are similar on what we use in everyday life. But it is not as simple as that! Take a closer look… It appeared that in these watch there is only one clock hand! It is very unusual, isn’t it?

New is long forgotten old. New is long forgotten old. In ancient times people defined time only on the watch with one clock hand and the watch with 2 or 3 clock hands that is familiar to us was seemed a wonder.

Possibly, the medieval man did not think of transient time and for this reason existence of the minute hand, especially the seconds hand was not so important. The time passed slowly. People were interested not in the functional, but creative party of a watch. However with the 17th century the attitude to one clock hand changed: there were minute and seconds hands. With it also the attitude to the Time changed: it became rapid and faster. Since then the design of the watch finally changed.

The watch company LUCH took its inspiration exactly from the Middle Ages, as a result of which it decided to follow old standards and launched watch with one hand which became a distinctive feature of the model range.

The company didn’t lose! Now models of watches with one hand are in the growing demand!

You have a unique opportunity right now to become the owner of watch with one hand and to appear in the forefront in happy owners of such unusual watch.

Why it is necessary to buy watch LUCH with one hand?

  • Watch LUCH with one hand is for the original man! You can to surprise your friends and each of them will surely ask how to define time and why there is only one hand!
  • Watch LUCH with one hand emphasize your individuality and aspiration to novelty. It will tell to the people around you that you have taste to extraordinary and elegant things.
  • Watch with one hand is an ideal gift to your friends and family. Treat a person with an original gift!
  • Watch LUCH with one hand is for the happy person! It’s no wonder they say that happiness takes no account of time. Watch with one hand isn’t intended for definition of the exact time. Plus/minus five minutes is not for us! Originality is our speciality!
  • Watch LUCH with one hand create illusion of the chronometric freedom. This watch is for those who isn’t subject to rapid time, and dictate themselves time of their life.
  • Watch LUCH with one hand is a special philosophy of Time and Life. Watch suggests to its owner an idea: “dominate over Time, but don’t submit to it”. This philosophy of the creation of Time is put in watch with one hand. “Time is that you read on the dial” (c) Albert Einstein.

Characteristic of watch:

  • Besides, that a watch LUCH with one hand is distinguished itself amongst the other watches with its unusual design, it has some more distinctive features.
  • Watch have the standard mechanism 1801.1 developed and made at the LUCH plant. Now it is the only, authentic mechanism of the own production which is serially installed in watches. And it gives to watch special charm. In the mechanism there are only 15 jewels. They are few because in watch there is no seconds hand for which it would be necessary 2 more jewels. The less details are used, the mechanism is simpler and more reliable!
  • The simple, elegant classical case has chrome and zirconium coating. The covering from nitride of zirconium possesses special resistance to deleting and has beautiful original appearance. And also: compounds of zirconium don’t cause allergic reactions of skin. Moreover: nitride of zirconium keeps all curative properties of the metal of zirconium, for example, it normalizes a blood pressure.

How to define time on watch with one hand?



Shipping to America or Asia will take about 14-29 days.

I usually ship One Hand Luch Mechanical Wristwatch Luch 77471760 within 3 days of receiving cleared payment.

Enjoy your shopping!

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One Hand Mechanical wristwatch Luch 77471760

One Hand Luch Mechanical Wristwatch Luch 77471760


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