All video about Mechanical watch Luch in ENG and RU Net with my personal opinion

Hi! I have searched and grabbed some Video about Mechanical watch Luch Vityas (from En and Ru net)…

Here it is with my short opinions:

1. huge collection about Mechanical watches Luch – here You can find video review for any model and order it from me)) Because that guys don’t ship international and they are from Russia (I sell these watches directly from Manufacturer (Luch, Belarus) 

For example review IN RUSSIAN about One hand Luch (model 77471760, 337477760, 37471763, 337477761, 37471762)

My opinion +

2. nice 3-minutes video on  ONE HAND MECHANICAL  LUCH (WHITE DIAL, 77471760)

My opinion +

3.  7.5 min clip on Luch flagman shop in MInsk. Belarus from blogger  Yan Laros (in russian). For those who is interested to learn a little bit more about brand Luch and there models

My opinion +

To be continued


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