Gynecological insruments “Unona”. Made in Eastern Europe. Buy online

Intrauterine contraceptive device
Set of laminaria sticks “Unona”

Gynecological sets “Unona”
Instruments gynecological
Speculum gynecological (Kusco)
Probe “Unona”: cytobrush
Probe “Unona”: cytobrush +
Set of two probes “Unona”: cytobrush
Probe “Unona”: cervical brush
Probe “Unona”: urogenital
Probe “Unona”: urogenital with tampon
Probe “Unona”: tampon
Probe “Unona”: cytobrush with tampon
Probe “Unona”: cytobrush with spatula
Probe “Unona”: cytobrush with cervical brush
Instruments gynecological: Ayre’s spatula
Instruments gynecological: Volkmann’s curette
Tube aspirating gynecological “Unona”
Probe “Unona”: cervical brush with tampon
Aspiration probe “Unona” Classiс
Aspiration probe “Unona” Profi
Aspiration probe “Unona” Classic Combi
Aspiration probe “Unona” Profi Combi
gyn instruments Unona_cr

Gynecological set Unona p2 2

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