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8 best places to buy Orthilia secunda online (review)

I have some commercial interest in this theme because I am a seller too, so I did my best to learn all available offers and to find out best places to buy Orthilia secunda online  (for US and Non US-countries). Continue reading 8 best places to buy Orthilia secunda online (review)

Orthilia secunda in gynecology /content/

Orthilia secunda  is used today not only in the national Siberian but also in traditional medicine as an antitumor, anti-inflammatory, tonic, immunomodulatory, tonic, diuretic, astringent, antimicrobial and antioxidant agents. While Orthilia secunda  can be used not only as a solo treatment, but also in conjunction with many medicinal plants, among which particular efficacy differ red brush and sage, actively used in gynecology. Continue reading Orthilia secunda in gynecology /content/

Orthilia secunda and Rhodiola Quadrifida in gynecology

For the treatment of gynecological diseases in conjunction with Orthilia secunda drugs is recommended to take an infusion of Rhodiola Quadrifida, rejuvenating and toning the body.

Rhodiola Quadrifida affects the body as follows:

  1. Greatly increases immunity (so this herb is indicated in patients weakened due to serious illness).

2 . Cleanses the blood system in particular, and the whole body, from the slag.

  1. Stabilizes blood pressure.
  2. Restores and improves the blood.
  3. Enhances mental and physical activity.
  4. Relieves spasms, localized in the brain.

Rhodiola Quadrifida has the following properties:






Rhodiola Quadrifida is reduced content of free radicals, which favorably influences the therapeutic effect of treating both cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Rhodiola Quadrifida, which includes a phytoestrogen and fitoprogesteron, regulates the endocrine system, helping to eliminate the problems associated with the lymph nodes, thyroid and adrenal glands.

One of the main active ingredients of Rhodiola Quadrifida is salidroside, which has the following properties:






Thus, Rhodiola Quadrifida recommended for the prevention and treatment of bacterial, viral and fungal etiology.

But, as with any medicinal plants, Rhodiola Quadrifida has contraindications, including:                simultaneous use of hormones, both synthetic and with phytohormones (the exception is Orthilia secunda);

consumption of alcoholic beverages;



marked atherosclerosis;

high blood pressure,



disruption of the cardiovascular system,

mental stimulation;


Adverse effects:

  1. Allergic reaction.

2 . Drowsiness.

  1. Retardation.

Simultaneous reception Orthilia secunda and Rhodiola Quadrifida is carried out in four stages, the duration of each of which is two weeks.

At the same time between stages is absolutely necessary to make a break for one – two weeks (all depends on the state of health of the patient).

Orthilia secunda and Rhodiola Quadrifida applied as an aqueous infusion.

Recipe collection Leaves Orthilia secunda and Rhodiola Quadrifida, taken in a 1:1 ratio , crushed, and then 2 tablespoons collection pour 1 liter of boiling water.

Drug infused 12 hours and taken three times a day on an empty stomach (one hour before eating food), infusion take one tablespoon, diluted with a teaspoon of honey .

Treatment of endometriosis by Orthilia secunda

The treatment of endometriosis requires hormone therapy to boost the female body progesterone.

Ortiliya sided contains natural (naturally occurring) plant hormones and trace elements which do not deleteriously affect the structure and function of internal organs, and therefore (unlike synthetic hormonal agents) gently and harmlessly impact on the body. Continue reading Treatment of endometriosis by Orthilia secunda